Blessed India's 1st


Bhagavad Gita

Blessed Talking Bhagavad Gita

Talking Bhagavad Gita is a reference book on life management, which is now all the more easy to read, understand and implement. It was originally written in Sanskrit, but now it can be read easily with the help of a Talking Pen.

The Talking Bhagavad Gita is printed with special technology where, the text can be listened to the help of a Talking Pen. Yes you can actually listen to the printed verses. The Talking Pen actually when put on the printed verse scans the text and it reads out the printed matter.

Golden Wisdom Flute

Comes with USB Charing Mechanism, Inbuilt Speaker with Volume Control, Earphone, Charger, Golden Flute.Inbuilt speaker with volume control features and aux cable port and a charging port.

Comfortable Options

BHAGAVAD GITA has lighted the planet and now is available to read and heard easily with the assistance of TALKING PEN. This TALKING BHAGAVAD GITA is ideal for people that cannot read like elderly people, children, illiterate, visually handicapped, etc.

Adorable Illustration

This Bhagavad Gita use adorable illustration. Due to which this book looks beautiful and speak as well.

talking bhagavad gita

The Art Of The Smile

The uniqueness is that Talking Bhagavad Gita comes with a Talking Pen and a holy voice in Sanskrit with its Hindi and English translations & interpretations, which makes it easy to use and have an enjoyable learning experience for all the age groups.

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